Services We Provide

US Access Consultants, Inc., is an accessibility firm in San Diego County, California. The accessibility team at US Access Consultants (USAC) is led by Corina Wilkes, a California Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and Texas Registered Accessibility Specialist.  Ms. Wilkes was one of the first California Certified Access Specialists (CASp 019) in the state. She is also certified with the International Code Council and is a Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS) with the state of Texas. Katie Schumaker, our Senior Accessibility Specialist, is also a California Certified Access Specialist (CASp 472) and has been specializing in accessibility services since 2008.  She is a member of the National Association of ADA Coordinators. USAC has extensive experience providing accessibility surveys, developing transition plans, conducting plan reviews, and extending consulting services for a variety of clients. USAC also administers training sessions for the American Institute of Architects and the California Architects Board.

US Access Consultants, Inc.takes a proactive position with existing property owners to develop accessibility compliance barrier removal plans.  We have a wide background in accessibility surveys, inspections, and assessment procedures.  We have worked closely with owners of existing buildings, not only to determine their buildings non-compliant accessibility elements, but also to make compliance plans and construction documents for implementing the barrier removal.  We specialize in developing and enforcing accessibility inspections and modifications.  USAC has many years of experience working on public and private sector projects with most recent clients including Chase Bank, City of San Diego, Loma Linda Medical Center, San Diego International Airport Authority, SeaWorld, Sutter Health, Union Bank, Kaiser Permanente and many others.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of both the federal and the state standards, and we pride ourselves in offering our clients a complete and thorough analysis of the issues they face.  We are confident in our ability to not only identify architectural barriers, but also to assist our clients in developing responsive, cost effective solutions to remove those barriers.  Our accessibility team attends conferences in association with the Department of Justice, United States Access Board, and the California Division of the State Architect to stay current with the most recent code interpretations and bulletins. Our accessibility specialists are certified with the International Code Council, are active members of the National Association of ADA Coordinators, and we have two California Certified Access Specialists on our team.


How We Do It

Our extensive experience with performing accessibility services will prove advantageous to your project.  The desired end result of accessibility consulting is to eliminate architectural barriers that prevent or limit participation of the disabled.  In order to accomplish this, an accessibility specialist must have detailed knowledge of the applicable accessibility codes and regulations as well as a thorough understanding of how different barriers may affect different users.  For example, in some cases the solution to remove a barrier for one user ends up creating barriers for other users.  Our accessibility team members are extremely knowledgeable, they recognize the value of providing complete and competent assessments, and they have a great appreciation of the positive impacts improved access can have on a community.   We will bring to your project some of the most experienced accessibility specialists available.


Our team's responsiveness and communication skills ensure our ability to serve your needs by maintaining communication and working closely with the various groups involved in a project.  This is an area in which our team excels, we have always been able to work closely with our clients.  More importantly, we are very capable of listening.  This is the key.  Hearing what our client’s critical issues are at the beginning of the project will help ensure the ultimate success of the project.  Our past clients would attest to our responsiveness and comprehensive approach to accessibility services.


There are many different approaches to barrier removal work, from a thorough review and analysis of every element in a project, to a less detailed recording of obvious barriers.  Our firm’s comprehensive evaluation process yields our clients with a detailed survey of their facilities where all non-compliant conditions are documented. This includes taking measurements and cataloging information for every deficiency (we typically refer to these as barriers).  The information related to the barriers found is then entered into our database and a spreadsheet is produced with barrier information that allows our client to continually monitor the status of their facilities and update their information as future building construction projects are completed.  We provide photos, code references, recommended solutions, and estimated costs for each barrier as part of this comprehensive report, as well as building plans that are marked with unique barrier location codes that are tied to each barrier. This type of analysis is extremely detailed, and we believe that this method is the most appropriate to address the legal requirements of the American’s with Disabilities Act, it also provides our clients with reports that are usable by project managers, contractors, maintenance, and design teams alike.