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Accessibility Consulting / Transition Plans

There are many aspects to accessibility compliance, from architectural barrier removal to providing accessible programs and services.  Our team of experienced accessibility specialists has the knowledge and background to offer insight and provide possible solutions for program access issues.  There are many compliance issues that must be considered in an effort to provide effective access to programs and services.  Transition Plans typically focus on the removal of architectural barriers, but in many instances procedural or programmatic solutions may be employed.  All of this information will be provided in our user-friendly barrier report that can be sorted and viewed in many ways. 


Transition Plan Development

Transition plan services include incorporating the database we generate and barrier removal recommendations into a long-term accessibility plan. Our transition plan will meet realistic and practical barrier removal phases custom to each client.  In addition to the hardcopy report, our clients can also gain access to our full barrier database and management system to create itemized spreadsheets for identification and removal.


Database Management

To manage the extensive information compiled in the survey process, US Access Consultants, Inc. offers a barrier database management service. Using our database system, our access specialists can evaluate and solve all existing barriers while creating a prioritized schedule of removal. Our database will include a complete listing of all barriers with existing conditions, code references, digital photographs, detailed cost estimates, and recommendations for viable solutions. The flexibility of our system allows us to customize an individual database for each specific client and create itemized spreadsheets for barrier identification and removal.


Title II Program Evaluations and Analysis

US Access Consultants, Inc. provides services to evaluate existing programs for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Under the ADA, all programs and services must be usable by persons with disabilities. Our team will review the agencies’ policies, procedures, and practices, and conduct interviews with department or building managers to determine if any discrimination exists within the organization.  All findings will be provided in a detailed report offering functional remedial modifications.


On-Call Technical Support

USAC is available to our private and public sector clients on an “on-call” basis to assist with all compliance issues arising during a project. Our expertise in all aspects of federal and state accessibility regulations will provide our clients, and the communities they represent, with reliable project management and consulting.