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Accessibility Surveys

US Access Consultants, Inc. will provide an on-site survey and inspection of existing conditions of all project facilities from hotels, restaurants, medical centers, retail stores, recreation areas, and public facilities.  Our certified field surveyors utilize their up to date knowledge of applicable state and federal codes and regulations to identify barriers in existing facilities.  Our survey team identifies discrepancies with both the American’s with Disabilities Act and the state building code, and solves to meet whichever is more restrictive.  Our detailed survey process includes identifying and recording all architectural barriers that might affect program access, and documenting them on survey forms.  Our accessibility specialists will evaluate and offer solutions to all existing barriers with a simplified method for developing a prioritized schedule for removal. Our reports will also include a description of the existing conditions, digital photographs of each barrier, and detailed cost estimates to assist managers and decision makers in understanding and managing the process, and prioritizing the work. The flexibility of our system allows us to customize individual reports for each specific client.


The reports we produce will facilitate your management of the identified barriers, help in setting priorities, allow tracking of program access, guide in planning capital expenditures for physical barrier removal, and assist in making facility changes required by Title I in accommodating future employees.  Some barriers may be removed by your users (such as moving furniture or planters); others will require your maintenance staff or a general contractor. The report we provide allows the owner to make overall and/or specific judgment calls about how to allocate those responsibilities. The report can be sorted for each responsible party following your capital budget.


Our database can be used to individually track each barrier through the barrier removal process, along with a prioritized schedule of removal.  Once the database has been created, US Access Consultants, Inc. can combine the extensive list of barriers, requirements, and solutions into a unified, comprehensive document. Our firm can then serve as an access consultant and design team for the barrier removal phases of the project.