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Accessibility Inspections

US Access Consultants, Inc. provides on-site accessibility inspections of existing conditions for all project types. Our certified field surveyors utilize their up-to-date knowledge of applicable state and federal standards to identify barriers within existing and newly constructed facilities. Our survey team identifies discrepancies between the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Standards and the various state specific building codes, to determine and identify which are more restrictive for each element.

Our detailed accessibility inspection process begins with recording all architectural barriers found to be out of compliance. Our reports include a description of the noncompliant existing conditions, digital photographs of each barrier, applicable code references in violation, location codes that correlate to a floor or site plan and additional barrier removal notations, as applicable. Our reports can also include possible solutions with detailed cost estimates and identifiers for prioritizing barrier removal work. The flexibility of our system allows us to customize individual reports for each specific client.

We also provide services to evaluate existing programs for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), International Building Code, as well as the applicable state building codes. Under the ADA, all programs and services must be usable by persons with disabilities. For Title II projects our team will review an agency’s policies, procedures, and practices, and conduct interviews with the department or building managers to determine if any discrimination exists within the organization.

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