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US Access Consultants, Inc. provides accessibility compliance training to various construction companies, agencies, architects, building owners, project construction teams, as well as to private groups and individuals. Our extensive knowledge of accessibility regulations and individual needs helps us to develop seminars with a broad range of topics, from introductory subjects to detailed issues. We work with our clients to create a training format that meets their specific needs, including creative outlines based on special topics and interests. Our general accessibility trainings are conducted to educate participants on complying with access issues on federal, state, and local levels. Some of the subject matter that we cover includes the most recent code requirements, common construction errors, and discrepancies between the various applicable codes. All this information is summarized in the resource supplements that we provide.

In addition, we can provide project-specific team training for design teams prior to and during the design phases of projects for architects and engineers, and construction teams including training for contractors and subcontractors at the commencement of construction. We have also led and participated in podcasts focused on accessibility compliance.

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